Financial Wellness.

Financial Wellness is defined as effectively managing your economic life. Specifically, we help provide financial planning to an employer’s employees. This is an added value you can offer in an employee’s benefits package to ensure they are receiving financial guidance and advice no matter their position in life.
Financial planning

Financial Planning Services

We provide educational tools and guidance to employees through simple steps like completing a budget questionnaire. We can then ascertain to what degree an employee needs assistance. Is it to pay off student debt, creating an emergency fund reserve, pay for children’s college, refinancing a home loan or learning whether a Roth IRA is more beneficial vs. a Traditional IRA.

Monthly Learning Topics

In addition, we can provide monthly learning topics to be conducted in person or via webinar on various topics like financial 101 (effects of compounding on investments), choosing the right 401k plan, making charitable gifts and how to plan for taxes 101.
Ultimately, this service helps the employer increase morale by helping employee’s answer questions like how do I pay for retirement? When can I retire? How to be proactive with money saving techniques and investments vs. reactive?
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